Kunstklub Berlin launches the Best Project Award this year. Breathtaking projects, which change our artspace into somethin' else will get the BPA !

april     THE AUCTION<

The winners of the Best Project Award 2008 presented a coproduced conception which transformed  the exhibition space of Kunstklub Berlin into an inspectable filmset.
The changes were accompanied by a projection of the movie " The Auction" which was presented on the opening day.



For this year we invented the new KKB feature "spezialo". One - night -  stands in art. Please join our newsletter to get the informations.

dezember    treff ich dich nicht, treff ich mich<

so many artists !

november    november<

Styrofoam, concrete and 3D.

oktober    Plan Z<

The Pathetic Sympathy Seekers went business and served Vodka. 

septemer       Das Gesetz der guten Gestalt<

Artists from Düsseldorf

Shannon Finley<

Our neighbor. But not from Denmark.

august          Block Episodes<

Mirko Martin and a bunch of images.

                    a grey sky as required in the shooting script<

Swantje Hielscher painted black and ... white ... and black ... and white and ...
... shopscribbles in color.

june      eternal verities, thank you very much<

Jana Gontscharuk showed her freshest works. 
The wall was used as well to present a huge wall drawing.

may     A view from my window<

wood and burned plastic from Uwe Schinn and Ralf Dereich

 if such a thing had been my thought<

Samuel Henne and Ingo Mittelstaedt came together for this exhibition.
Photographs only!

april      transparent<

Artists from all over europe came together for this great show at KKB.
After all we did a nice interview which will be available soon at our website.

april      le sommet de la table <

These guys from nice put our artspace into a casino - like  holy green of Wimbledon.
Dots were hit by a beam of light whereas the sleeping z's transformed our window into a sleepstream.
... a lot of of dud, too. 


march      Triband <

After some winterbreak we start the new season with a group show of three artists from River Rhine!
Two painting positions and a sculptor from Düsseldorf brought us their latest work. 
... and they killed our bar as well!



august      could be about landscape <

We are very proud of starting our exhbition program with a group show of 5 (almost) London-based artists.
As Emma Wieslander, Christian Hagemann, Jesper List Thomsen, Hanna Brandes and Viola Yesiltac are all dealing with photography and its possibilities towards a conceptual idea of artistic passion, the exhibition COULD BE ABOUT LANDSCAPE will give an idea of environs saturated with the non-glossy surface of countryside, nature and urban scenery.
For sure the preparation of the group-exhibition will lead to an overview of the group-developed art works as well as to a presentation of solo pieces done in the freedom of loneliness.
Although artists dealing with photography normally seem to show flat artworks, it’s pretty sure that COULD BE ABOUT LANDSCAPE will surprise our guests with some 3-dimensional pieces, too.

september      recent paintings <   


october      we recruit <

Kunstklub Berlin presents the Pathetic Sympathy Seekers, a group consisting of young artists freshly moved to nearby Berlin area!

To the Pathetic Sympathy Seekers art is a means of receiving attention and sympathy.
On the occasion of this show they will once more have to live up to their reputation of being everybody's darlings.
The paintings and objects in the show share the artists' eagerness to please and impress which in the past has rarely failed to have an effect on the audience one way or another.
Yet even more thrilling - the group expresses its wish to expand!

 "[...]This is how we concluded that if we wanted to be more, it would be on us to assimilate.
So we've come here to recruit."


november     Imperial Gadget<

We showed the breathtaking Crackpotbreaker!
This collaboration of artists mostly spread  around the South of France came to Berlin this autumn to turn the city into Sun-City.
As we liked the graphic influences in some of their works we also were happy to have seen some fine conceptual photography, dancing maggots and golden pyramids as well as fantastic films in our new screening area in the back of KKB.
To make the recipe complete Sundae and KDE spread their TT-wings and worked on a fine DJ / MC Set which will be garnished asap by an interview with the whole Crackpotbreaker - crew!


december  The KKB X mas show<

Oh Oh Oh !