The project space Kunstklub Berlin was formed in 2005 by a group of artists, producers and curators.
The first exhibition in April 2005 showed 5 artists presenting exclusive works. The following events confirmed the high level of the exhibitions.
Kunstklub Berlin intend to use this project space to collaborate with individual artists and groups, developing a process of evolving and exhibiting work.

Somewhere between the studio and the gallery, Kunstklub Berlin will be a continually developing space, in which artists are granted the freedom to develop their work, challenging both their practice and the expectations of the exhibition space.

Besides showing brilliant contemporary art there is no stylistic or generational thread running through the programme but strong elements of surprise, independence and aesthetic and intellectual stimulation.

In winter 2008 / 2009 the exhibitions were curated by Pathetic Sympathy Seekers.

2010  we are going to work out a nice exhibition series for you! 

See you then and take care.