We started Kunstklub Berlin in the year 2005 in a Berlin appartment of a very old house.

This is what happened there:


Christian Nolting
Björn Geipel
Gordon Castellane
Sybille Zeh

20.4.2005 - 26.4.2005

our first show at Kunstklub Berlin!
friends showed their work in a group exhibition.


Klaus Kleine
Karsten Trappe
Katharina Arndt

26.5.2005 - 29.05.2005

the exhibition space was filled with deep darkness.


les aspirateurs

17.6.2005 - 19.6.2005

two bands played loudly on an applegreen 1x4m stage.

special exhibition

Donna 'n Zoe

23.09.2005 - 25.9.2005

a group of artists from London help you to transform your stuff into art


Swantje Hielscher
Phillip Maiwald

29.9.2005 - 3.10-2005

" I love these guys, cause they quench hot feverdreams whith cold oceanwaters! "
co-starring zinka & spoke

more songs about words

Daniel Janik

21.10.2005 - 25.10.2005

video and Louisville slugger

Julien Tibéri

3.12.2005 - 6.12-2005

Julien Tibéri is from Nice / France.


Jörn Plaß
Sebastian Grätz

17.12.05 - 19.12.05

poetic works of architectural power connected through a ringing heart-curtain
...burning cars as well!


Thank You!